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Embassy Parking:


Parking Rates:

* Lost ticket fee - $25.00

* First 30 minutes - Complimentary

* 30 minutes to 1 hour - $5.00

* $2.00 per hour additional with a maximum daily rate of $21.00

* Hotel guests rate - $12.00 per night



VBC Parking Lots


Lot P3, P5, P2 - $10 re-entry is allowed with parking ticket.


City lot P4, - $5 No re-entry


AETC Hotel Shuttle 7:30am – 5:00pm

  1. Spring Hill Suites

  2. Homewood Suites

  3. Embassy Suites

  4. Hampton Inn


Embassy Suites - Floorplans

First Floor

Embassy 1st floor.png

Second Floor

Embassy 2nd Floor.png

Von Braun - Floorplans

North Hall

Von Braun North Hall.png

South Hall

South Hall Floor Plan.png

Downtown Huntsville Map

The link provided will display a map for the area around the Von Braun Center and downtown. Click on the "Pins" for restaurants and hotel accommodations in the area. 

Huntsville Dining

The link "Huntsville Restaurants" provides information on the restaurants and breweries in the area. The link will assist in filtering the establishments by location and provides a map.

Huntsville Restaurants

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